Roadmap & Key Milestones

Integrate Sollet Wallet
Allow User login via Solana Wallet
Integrate Automated Twitter Verification
Enable Solana Wallet <-> Twitter Connection
Implement Top 100 COPE Index
onboard top 100 call makers from 10000s. Update and maintain this regularly
Implement the COPE Token
Mint COPE on Solana Blockchain and implement necessary distribution processes
Implement the COPE / SOL Pool
Allow users to buy COPE with SOL
Implement COPE staking
Allow COPE staking for LP token issuance and ownership for report unlocks and disputation process
Implement COPE distribution processes
Build COPE distribution processes for Report Unlocking and COPE emission events for users participating in the COPE INDEX
Implement Call Disputation Process
Implement 30 minute time window Call Disputation Process via direct COPE staking
Implement COPE Governance
Implement COPE Governance for Pool Creation and Autonomous Bonding Curve Distribution
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