1. Why the need for a token swap?

When the COPE token was originally minted, it was done with 0 decimals. Going forward this is going to present challenges, such as unsustainable farming rewards and inability to apply bonding curves to any future initiatives involving the COPE token. By Reminting to include 6 decimals for the new COPE token these challenges are immediately alleviated and it also means you can now own a fraction of 1 COPE. Future airdrops, games and COPE phase 1 and 2 projects (including COPE Leaderboard rewards) also require fractional COPE.

2. If my COPE is on FTX what should I do?

  • If your COPE is held on FTX you do not need to do anything. When you withdraw COPE from FTX it will withdraw as the new COPE. The COPE/USD Market on FTX will continue as normal

  • If I deposit my old COPE to FTX what happens?
  • FTX will support deposits of old COPE. These deposits of old COPE will be credited to COPE balances on FTX

  • Can I withdraw Old COPE from FTX?
  • You will not be able to withdraw Old COPE from FTX. However, you can withdraw new COPE from FTX

  • Can I continue trading on the COPE/USD market on FTX?
  • You can continue trading on the COPE/USD market on FTX

3. How do I swap my old COPE for new COPE?

  • Go to swap.unlimitedcope.com

  • Connect your wallet that is holding the old COPE (old COPE should have been renamed to XCOPE in your wallet)

  • Make sure you have atleast 0.0025 sol in your wallet, otherwise the SWAP will be unsuccessful

  • Now Enter the full amount of XCOPE you have in your wallet

  • Then Click Swap

  • Approve instructions (by clicking on Approve)

  • Once the transaction is complete you should now have the new COPE in your wallet

  • You have now successfully swapped XCOPE(old COPE) for COPE (the new COPE)

  • This SWAP Contract has been peer-reviewed

4. If my COPE is staked in the Raydium COPE USDC Fusion Pool, what should I do?

The new COPE/USDC Pool will be available from Friday 21st May 18:00pm (HKT). Follow the steps below to remove liquidity from the old COPE/USDC Pool and add liquidity to the new COPE/USDC Pool when it is live

  • Unstake your LP tokens from the COPE-USDC pool

  • Remove Liquidity from the COPE-USDC pool

  • Now swap your old COPE for new COPE on swap.unlimitedcope.com

  • Now add Liquidity to the new COPE-USDC Pool

  • Now stake your LP tokens in the new COPE-USDC Fusion Pool

  • You are now Farming COPE!

5. If I have limit orders on Serum DEX with my old COPE what should I do?

  • Remove your orders

  • Settle your old COPE balance(if not already in your wallet)

  • Now go to swap.unlimitedcope.com

  • Swap your old COPE for new COPE

  • You can now go to the new COPE/USDC Serum Market. If you cannot access this, here is the market-id:6fc7v3PmjZG9Lk2XTot6BywGyYLkBQuzuFKd4FpCsPxk, you can use this to add the market

  • You can now place limit orders on this COPE/USDC market with your new COPE

  • You will soon be able to access this market by selecting COPE/USDC on the serum DEX(which currently references the old one)

6. The swap on swap.unlimitedcope.com is not working for me, how do I fix the associated token account error?

If you have this error while trying to do the swap of old COPE for new COPE, please consider following these steps:

  • Create a new sollet wallet ( and please store the seed phrase, make a copy of it)

  • Transfer your old COPE to this sollet wallet

  • Now connect this sollet wallet on swap.unlimitedcope.com

  • Now do the swap of old COPE for new COPE

7. How much SOL do I need in my wallet to make this SWAP happen

  • Please have atleast 0.0026 SOL in your wallet to make this SWAP work

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