How To Use The Bulk-SPL-Token-Distributor

Step 1 - Get Access and Login

If you are looking to run an Airdrop on Solana for your SPL Token DM Cyrii_MM on twitter for credentials to the Bulk-SPL-Token-Distributor

Step 2 - Login into your Sollet Wallet

If you are creating a new sollet wallet, note down the seed phrase. Otherwise select 'Restore existing wallet' to login with an already existing sollet wallet.

Step 3 - Mint Token

If you have not minted a token yet, you can select 'Mint A Token' to do so and make sure you have atleast 0.0044 SOL to allow for minting.

Upon Selecting 'Mint A Token' you will be prompted to now enter the Name,Symbol and Amount of tokens you want to mint. Then select 'mint'.

Now you will see the token that you minted and the amount of the token you minted.

Step 4 - Uploading the list of SOL addresses to send to

Now enter the amount of tokens you want to send per address. Then click on 'choose file' and upload the csv file containing the list of addresses you want to airdrop your token to.

Here is an example of what your csv file should look like, it should just be a comma separated list of SOL addresses.
Once the file has been uploaded, do not click on 'SEND'. It will start the bulk process automatically and you will see the transaction count go up after it commences.

Step 5 - Tracking successful and unsuccessful transactions

As the distributor cycles through the addresses, if some of the addresses are incorrect(e.g. due to typos or not valid addresses) the distributor will register these as unsuccessful and you will see the unsuccessful airdrops count go up and then these are logged in the 'error log' (white textbox) as seen in the image below. Successful Transactions will also be logged as well as the last successful transaction . This is important in case you need to restart the process from a later point due to internet connectivity issues for example. Furthermore the error log can be used to redo drops to addresses that didn't go through previously, Errors are inevitable due to the nature of how transactions are treated through the RPC validators, but these are few and far between and can be dealt with after the main batch of addresses is dealt with.

During this process please do not refresh your browser as this will stop the process and you will have to restart the process .
If you need to refresh your browser for some reason, just keep a note of the addresses in the error log and the last known successful address to help you restart the process from a later point in the cycle as oppose to restarting the entire prcoess from the beginning --> from the first address.

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